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Rent a car Đani is existing and active working since year 1999.

Our long experience, according to our tradition of successfully working are guarantee for high quality service for our customers. They are all able to recognize that too.

But rent-a-car service, we own car wash and vehicle repair service. Our auto service garage could offer you tinman and complete varnishing service for your vehicle.

Join our club of pleased and satisfied clients!

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on hire of rented car, conducted between ĐANI Split,  

herienafter called ĐANI and the client


Art 1.

Đani rents the car the client under the terms herien stipulated.


Art 2. 

By singing the Contract the cliend underteakes and confirms:

a) that the hired passenger car was picked up in accordance with the law on safety road traffic;

b) that a hired car was sealed when picked up;

c) that the rented car shall be returned after expiration on the stipulated term at the place and time as set forth in this Contract or earlier if required by Đani;

d) a renter who wishes to extend, or for all other changes, must contact Đani, other wise will be considered as stolen car;

e) that in the case of mileage indicator break-down the drive will be immediatelly discontinued and the nearest Đani office contacted for further instructions. If one or both seals are found broken after the car has been returned, the client shall pay Đani in addition to the regular rent fee and a surcharge for covering 500km dailypursuant to the applicable Tariff;

f) that the car shall not be used for any deeds violating the law criminal acts, offence of customs foreign exchange and other regulations/training, transport or towing other vehicles, trailers or for taking part in motorally;

g) that the car shall be used only by the client, that it shall be driven only by the client or the codriver indicated in Contract;


Art 3.

The client shall indemnifi Đani for all parts of equipment accessiories which failed to return. Current selling prices for such parts shall be applied in compensation. Any damages causes by non-observance of the provisions of this Contract shall be indemnificed by the client.  


Art 4.

Đani shall refund the client for the costs of oil, lubrincast, regular reciving and small repairs except washing. Inccured during the period of hire against presentation of bills which shall be addresed Đani. If paid in cash, to socially-juristiv persons in the ammount regulated by law of treasury. Đani shall not liable to indemnify the client for any assembly part of accessory which are found to have been replaced by the cliend unnecessarily. 


Art 5.

The client being natural person shall deposit a certain sum of money for the car and the client being juristic-person a cheque before picking up a car. Holders of credit cards accepted by Đani shall not be effect advance payment. 


Art 6.

The client accepts to pay Đani:

a) the ammount for daily hire driven mileage;

b) delivery and the pick up charges for the rented car:

- free of charge in a town district;

- out of the town district it is charged per kilometar according to be applicable Tariff;

- in all localities where are not any Đani branch offices it charged to/from nearest Đani office;

- out of working hours and during the national hollidays it is charged according to the applicable Tariff;

c) return mileage rates:

-when the car is returned abroad the client shall pay return mileage to the nearest Đani office, for the hire shorter than 14 days; 

d) Vehicle tankage is charged according to the applicable Tariff;

e) the costs incured for the tire repair and inside cabin are to be bome bay the renter according to the applicable Tariff

Art 7.

The client shall pay without subsequent compensation by Đani the charges for ferries road tool fines for infraction of traffic regulations, fee, legal procedure,  interest of different payment all other fines due to violation of lay and rules. Imposed on Đani being the ownerof the rented car, or the driver during the period of hire unless they are caused by Đani;


Art 8. 

If due to the client's the engine, the mechanics m/owing to lack of motor, oil, for change gear, diferencial gear, cooling agents/crank case clutch and the other parts are damaged, the client shall indemnify Đani for the entire repair of the car, the lost dailiy rate/because of the car not used due to the repair/rate for driven per 100km per day according to the price list in the force, for each day when the car is not used due, to the repair, but up to 30 days max.     

Art 9.

Insurance of the rented car in case of damage caused to the third party is applicable pursuant to the Compulsory insurance ACT.


Art 10.

In case of traffic accident, damage defraudation of car or spare, production defective of cars, the renter duty is to provide car before taking over by Đani, to contract police report and the give statement in the nearest Đani office. All rates include third party liability insurance. 


Art 11.

Insurance does not cover the liabilities of the client/driver for the damages cause knowingl, under the influence of alcohol and drugs without valid/taken driving licence. If there are more persons in the car than registered seates, and in the other cases according ZOIL/Insurance company/rules.


Art 12.

Đani is not liable, for damage made for the delay when the car is delivered to the client, not for any break down made by the client during the hire. 


Art 13.

This contract is made in 2 (two) copies.


Art 14.

The rental client is obligating to wear a safety helmet (given with a scooter), according to the transport laws of Republic of Croatia. For any eventual consequences in case of not wearing a safety helmet the renter is not held responsible.


Art 15.

Amendments to this contract should be made only by written against previous consent given by both contracted parties. 

All rates include third party liability insurance, CDW and TP - in case of damage to or loss of rented vehicle or parts of it, tyre, breakage or theft, the renter is liable up to the "replacement value" of the vehicle, or the real value whichever is higher. Therefore, additional CDW and TP fees are obligator and reduce clients liability the amount of 3,000.00kn representing NWE (Non-waivable excess).  

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